Walking the lines

In our toolkit of connecting the lines across the globe we have the series of interventions “Walking the lines”: the series of online performances aiming to rethink and reflect our locations and to connect them, using the method of shared interventions.

With the use of Randonautica application, performers will “drift” through their locations, much like Guy Debor psychogeographic drifts, to randomly appointed spots, and reinventing their environment using their imagination. This shift outside our tunnel of reality will help reflect the location and the borders between private and public, creating the new map of community.

Using the media (photo, video, text, voice clips) every performer will share their reflections while walking along the random route to their destination – the starting point of next performer in different country. The walk will be streamed using the chat in telegram and documented with videooperator.

The mini-version of the upcoming interventions was recently initiated:

Inspired by online-art and walking art, as well as Guy Debord and psychogegraphy, we will implement the practices of shared experience. Online art practices have proved the only medium that during the covid outbreak and borders closing could connect the artists. Refering to Alisa Oleva’s shared walks (like Safe/Unsafe during the Woven Network residency, or City for Her intervention), we will reinvent the concept of connection using the digital tools for physical interaction. Anyone can contribute to the project by joining the chat and making one of the simple scores:

  • 1. Go to the soviet monument in your neighbourhood, give it a new name, send its photo to the chat with the new name or the new story behind it
  • 2. When you are in the public space, record and send the voiceclip to the chat so that we can hear the sounds of it, but not with your voice.
  • 3. Go to the most open space in your district where you feel most free, make a panorama video around you and send it to the chat.
  • 4. When you are in the privacy, close your eyes and send the voiceclip with you singing the melody that makes you feel calm.
  • 5. Write the words “Public property” with red pen on the post-it sticker paper, put it in the space you feel must not be private. Send the photo of it to the chat.