Ideal community project


The ideal community project is an interactive web platform that connects people with a post-soviet background through their common points about what an idyllic community means.

Taking into account the relevance of collectivism and communal spaces in the past communistic nations, and the subsequent wave of individualization and privatization that came later, the project aims to visualize what are the current ideas in these communities related to collectivity. Did they forget the utopia of the future society and the new man or are these aspirations still alive? Did communism let a clear mark on them? Is possible to rebuild a strong sense of community far away from the arising of political polarization, hate speeches, and extremism?

The ideal community project aspires to encourage people to create new connections beyond borders, ideologies, and cultural differences. We believe that by finding the networks of our dreams we can create a more peaceful and collaborative world.

Description of functioning

The web platform works by the processing of basic information provided by the users through theirs answers to an introductory QUIZ. They should provide information about their name, age, sex, country, and email. Then, a Quiz should be answered:

In your Ideal Community:

How is the weather?
Which are the prioritized spaces of the community?
What is the purpose of labor?
Who is your leader?
How does your community interact?
What is the core value in your community?
Who will be the owner of your data?

Subsequently, the information is processed with an algorithm to match users with similar answers. In case of doesn´t exist a 100 percent coincidence, the algorithm will decrease the accuracy until finding a link. Therefore, is generated a new land through the connection of the user´s locations on the world map. The straight lines that join each localization will be randomly distorted by the algorithm to emulate a real map. The generated chart will be updated and transformed each time a new match is created.

Users can access the information provided by others and contact them. Also, it is possible to visualize specific answers from the QUIZ to create new connections and visualizations.